Street Fighter III backup stories on the way

Street Fighter fans know Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Honda. But what about the other characters? Seth? Rose? Crimson Viper? You would expect to get some info on those characters in the comics, but sadly they've still pretty much focused on the big guns. Until now. Udon Comics has three comics in their Turbo series that will look at some of thees backup characters. Turbo #8 looks at Ibuki. She's trained as a ninja for her whole life, but she's not too keen on it. The 4-page backstory will be handled by Omar Dogan. Turbo #9 focuses on Oro. The martial arts master appears to be 140 years old, yet in all that time he's yet to find someone worthy of his teaching. Alan Wong is the artist behind this one. The last story is in Turbo #12, and is all about Q. The most mysterious character ever; mainly because of his trench coat and metal-mask. Bob Strang wants to help you get slightly closer to the mystery behind the mask. But that's not all. There will be a full blown Street Fighter III series in early 2010 that finishes up after the end of the Street Fighter II Turbo maxi-series. Full press release below. A NEW GENERATION JOINS UDON’s WORLD WARRIORS Details on UDON’s Street Fighter® III backup stories Toronto, ON – July 14, 2009 – While UDON has included a diverse array of martial artists in the studio’s Street Fighter® comics, there’s still a generation of fighters that have received little page time. At nearly every convention appearance, the UDON crew gets asked – “When will we get to see some Street Fighter III characters!?” Well fans are about to get their wish, with 3 Street Fighter III backup stories appearing in the pages of Street Fighter® II Turbo #8,9 & 10. First up in August’s Turbo #8 is a story about arguably the most popular member of the Street Fighter III cast – ninja/schoolgirl Ibuki! While she has trained as a ninja her entire life, Ibuki despises her ninja duties and dreams of a ‘normal’ life. The Ibuki 4-pager will be handled by UDON’s resident female form expert, Omar Dogan. October’s Turbo #9 sheds light on the origins of the mystical hermit Oro. This ancient martial arts master is rumored to be over 140 years old, and journeys the world searching for a student worthy of receiving his teachings. Alan Wang tackles Oro art chores. Finally, November’s Turbo #10 features a tale about the most mysterious Street Fighter character ever – the man known only as Q. Next to nothing is known about this trench coat-clad, metal-masked figure. IS he a ‘he’? Is he even human? Artist Bob Strang brings us one step closer to the truth about Q. And the Street Fighter III stories don’t end there! Fans can look forward to a full blown Street Fighter III comic series in early 2010, right after the conclusion of the current Street Fighter II Turbo 12-issue maxi-series. For the latest news on all UDON’s comics head to