Tony Stark's F-1 Racer

Tony Stark is pretty damn rich and can pretty much have whatever he wants. He is Iron Man after all. This list of excess includes a vintage race car that will be in Iron Man 2 and that Road and Track got a couple of spyshots of. The Stark Industries-sponsored car will be used in a driving scene where Stark is racing in the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique. Yeah, that would be that track in Monaco, France. The thing is that the scene isn't actually being filmed in France; rather, it's being filmed on an elaborate set recreating the town. Road & Track seems to think that the car is based on a Formula Ford or Formula Mazda car. Considering that the site knows cars I'm inclined to believe them. They're also pretty stoked about the "Avon racing slicks and transmission sticking out the back of the car beneath the rear wing." It's interesting that this photo has been released, because when you look at it in conjunction with the Whiplash photo it says that most likely the two of them will be in a race at some point. The track in the Whiplash photo seems a little less glamorous than Monaco, so cue the rabid jealousy on the part of Whiplash. This is all conjecture at this point obviously, however I think it's a pretty good guess. Tony Stark's F-1 Racer