Voltron reuniting for live-action movie

I write this wearing my Voltron T-shirt. Which works out well because I really liked the cartoon, and it's something that I'm surprised has taken this long to actually get anywhere near a live-action movie. I guess Transformers was the litmus test, and now that both films have clearly wrecked shop on the box office expect more and more cartoons from the 80s to be made into a film. The Risky Biz Blog says that Voltron is next. The site writes that Atlas Entertainment’s Charles Roven, Richard Suckle and Steve Alexander are all on board to make the film, and are joined by Jason Netter (Wanted) and Ted Koplar. The characters in question produced Get Smart and The International, and Roven produced some movie about a dark knight. So I think they have some street cred for this thing. The crew acquired the rights to the film from World Events Productions. There are no details as to when the film will start any phase, or if any actors are attached. There are obviously the five main roles to cast: Commander Keith, Lance, Pidge, Sven and Princess Allura (six if you count Hunk). And of course the notorious lot feature the highlights of the Drule Empire, including Emperor Zeppo, Viceroy Throk and Commander Hazar. I picture some pretty intense CGI, a la Transformers, and what could possibly be a really good story. The movie would definitely pick up the nostalgic fans out there, and I would imagine would do really well in the theaters. I just don't know that Michael Bay is the best to direct it. Please keep that in mind whichever studio happens to greenlight this film. Voltron reuniting for live-action movie


  1. Just have to make sure that Voltron does not get served. hahahaha

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