10 great webcomics (not for kids)

There are all sorts of advantages to being an adult. You get to stay up as late as you want. You don't have to be good to get something you want (you usually have the means to just get it). And you have complete control over what you read, watch, play, etc. But in today's society, certain demographics are crucial to marketers, meaning many products are very broad in their focus. This means that most of the time you want something a little edgier and not created to cater to the masses. GeekDad (Chuck Lawton) at Wired has a list of such edginess that may whet your proverbial adult whistle. His list includes the ten best webcomics out there that are as far from being kid friendly as possible. I mean, we're talking a pile of crap with eyeballs and a fondness for large-caliber weaponry, a short, wannabe pimp with a love for slam poetry and Penny Arcade. What's on the list? Schlock Mercenary Questionable Content Sinfest Overcompensating xkcd Cyanide and Happiness Ctrl+Alt+Del Hijinks Ensue Penny Arcade Atland These aren't necessarily your standard superhero comic fare, but these onlines strips are definitely worth at least a look. And if you like what you see then you've got something else you can work into your daily website rotation at work. Come on, I know you have one too. 10 great webcomics (not for kids)