Andrew Magnum Cancer Benefit Auction

Benefit auctions are win-wins all around. The money fans spend goes to a very worthy cause, and the merchandise sold is usually pretty rare and awesome. It should go without saying that when comes along you should do your best to contribute. Zenescope is trying to get the word out about an auction to benefit artist Andrew Magnum. Andrew has been diagnosed with testicular cancer (nonseminomatous) Phase 2. While he has health insurance and is able to work, his chemotherapy makes it tough for him to actually work. Meaning bills are piling up, and making things difficult for him, his wife and child. You'd probably recognize his work on covers with Josh Medors, Justiniano, Talent Caldwell, Tyler Kirkham, Scott Clark, Mark Kidwell and many more for companies like DC, Image, Frazetta, Zenescope, Arcana & Big City! His illustrations have been featured in American Wasteland, Grimm Fairy Tales, Snowman: Ghost Dance, and the upcoming Blood & Bones. The auction starts September 5, and there are tons of pieces of art available. Above is an extremely rare Grimm Fairy Tales #1 (1st print) that will be available. If you want to help but don't find any of the art appealing (and I don't know how that's possible), then you can even just paypal money to him at Sure, there are tons of causes out there vying for your money. But as someone who has seen someone close to them be taken by cancer I can tell you that this is one of the most worthy causes you can contribute to. Come on guys, get your clicking finger ready for this auction. Andrew Magnum Cancer Benefit Auction