Animated Spawn due in 2010

Spawn has been getting more and more attention lately. The character is rapidly approaching issue #200, a milestone that has even brought Todd McFarlane back to the series. Last week, McFarlane mentioned that he was writing the new movie. That's not enough of a parallel to 1997 however, as he also wants to get an animated feature with Spawn back on television. According to McFarlane's Twitter, the animated film is slated to hit televisions soon. As in next year sometime. ANIMATION: For those that've asked, the SPAWN ANIMATED show will be back in Hollywood's face in 2010. Legal issues delayed it past few years Fun. The first animated Spawn was an HBO series, and not a movie. It originally aired in 1997 and was one of those animated series that was intended for mature audiences and actually worked. It was around for 18 episodes and won an Emmy for Outstanding Animation Program. Keith David was the voice of Spawn, and indications are that he would reprise his role. Does this mean Michael Jai White will be reprising his role in the big screen version? Probably not, but you have to make the parallel. Regardless, the big question becomes will the movie air on HBO (like the original series), or on some other channel? And what exactly were the "legal issues" that delayed it? Did HBO still own some copyrights to animated Spawn? Is this between McFarlane and Image Comics? I'm sure that more details will come forth as this whole thing progresses, but in the meantime Spawn fans should rejoice in knowing that the character is coming back in a big way.