Animated Spider-Man now streaming

One of the cartoons I was fond of growing up was the animated Spider-Man cartoon. Marvel realized that if an X-Men cartoon would work, why not a Spider-Man cartoon right? I mean, the show's theme was even a variation of the X-Men theme song with guitar riffs and all. The only main difference was the repetitive phrase "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Radioactive Spider-Man." So why not take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce about the show? Starting today, Marvel is streaming episodes of the animated series from the 90s for your pleasure. The show originally aired 65 episodes between 1994 and 1998, and probably what I remember most about the show was the inner monologues. I mean, every episode featured a 19-year-old Peter Parker marinating on just about everything imaginable. A new episode will post every Wednesday at, so eventually you'll be able to watch the series again for the first time, or remind yourself about how little self-esteem you had as a teenager. It's a win-win really. So check out the first episode after the jump, and be sure to tune into Marvel every Wednesday for the newest episode.