Batman teams up with Doc Savage

Doc Savage is one of those characters that old comic book heads will likely remember. Created by publisher Henry Ralston and editor John Nanovic at Street and Smith Publications, the character essentially defined pulp magazines in the 30s and 40s. But it's been an awful long time since we heard anything from him, despite his lasting populartiy as a character. So what's the best way to remember a somewhat forgotten character? Team them up with a more popular character. Such as Batman. DC has announced that Brian Azzarello will be teaming up with artist Phil Noto for Batman/Doc Savage Special #1. The aim is to bring Doc Savage's world and cast of characters (Blackhawks, Rima and Jungle Girl) into more modern times. Azzarello feels that the pairing works well. “Cities are urban jungles– and there’s also unchartered mysterious countries with their own jungles as well. It’s world where you’re guilty before being proven innocent– something that rarely happens. Little people make big mistakes and suffer the consequences. Life is cheap, and everyone has their price. Where part of the thrill of being rich, is watching the poor suffer. Y’know, my kind of place.” The above cover comes to you from J.G. Jones, while the below cover is a Rags Morales variant cover. This one should be appearing in a comic book shop near you in November, and it really looks intriguing. Even if you have no idea who Doc Savage is, the fact that Azzarello is writing the story should be incentive enough for you to at least check out the first issue. Batman teams up with Doc Savage