Defense with the BoomPick

Tuesday once again and today is an alright day. But what can this day possibly do to compete with Wednesday, the day of all days behind Friday? Yes, tomorrow is new comic book day. Brandon here bringing you my pick of the week out of the slew of new comics coming out. For today I have chosen Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #2. Continuing the tale of a lone Deadpool carrying with him the undead head of zombie Deadpool, the pair are journeying to the savage land. Deadpool is still questing to dispose of the undead zombie head, and just can’t seem to catch any breaks as he has to fight a few undead cavemen and a number of dinosaurs. With a HYDRA team hot on his trail will Deadpool be able to finish the job? Pick this one up continue their story and find out. Also, this issue is being printed with a variant cover as well, so make sure you choose wisely when picking which one you want.