Defense with the BoomPick

Every week you fine folks come to this site to see what new comics are coming out that week and to see what our picks will be. Not one to dissapoint and without further delay I am bringing you my pick. I got the chance to read this one a little early and did a review. I am choosing We Kill Monster #2, brought to you by those guys over at Red 5 Comics. And I have to say it is an interesting read. Continuing the tale of brothers Andrew and Jake, they find out that their run-in with a monster was not the first their town has seen and is certainly not the last. With this issue we learn a little bit more about Jake’s monster arm and find out that there are different types of monsters as well. Andrew’s ex girlfriend Vanessa loses her dad to a flying bug monster and sets them off on a course to find it and kill it. Not wanting to spoil too much, I will leave it here and make you have to go pick it up tomorrow if you want to find out what happens next. Go pick this one up, enjoy it and if you didn’t read the first issue go get it and read something original.