Defense with the BoomStick

Hello……..Hello……..Anyone listening?? There. Fixed it. Ok hello to all the faithful listeners that catch Brandon’s broadcast every week. This is Fred here. I am broadcasting to you to pass a message on. Currently Brandon is away from the compound on an extremely important mission and I am tasked with letting all you fine folks know. For today I do have news to bring to you but there will be no tip of the week. Sorry folks. For news the big government offensive is winding down in the New England region but, it's still unsafe to travel there. In the Great Lakes areas pockets of safe zones are appearing.

Also, Alcatraz island is now a secure place to head to as I hear they are self-reliant for all their needs, but they are careful who they allow into their place so make sure you have a good set of skills. That's it for today. Brandon will be back here soon and will be here next week for the news and the tip of the week. Signing off…. That went better than I thought it would. Wait. It's still broadcasting??? Whoops.