Defense with the BoomStick

Whew. Feels good to be back in this chair, doing this broadcast like you wouldn’t believe. Hey out there folks it's me, Brandon again. Sorry about last week. Difficult mission I had to handle and it took a little longer then I thought. No matter now as I'm here once again and in one piece thankfully. Without going into details it was a rough and costly mission. Lost a number of good people out there, but we got the job done and it's defiantly going to help the people around this area. Well enough jawing about my life let us get to it.

For news. Um, let me check………nothing too new going on except the same chatter as before. The big government assault in New England is going well and I hear they are pushing into south New York, but staying away from the isolated Manhattan Island as that is a death trap. Most of Ireland is secure also and we're excepting refugees at the moment.

Also I have heard some information about that guy I spoke of a month or two back some guy named Tedd. He's been spotted in Washington state, assisting people there so be on the lookout for him. Tedd, if you're listening to this broadcast please respond to my call on channel 87.5. That is all for the news and now onto the tip of the week. Today I am going to talk about a critical part of a group that keeps it together and keeps you alive. I am speaking of the group dynamic; that is what you rely on to help you get through what needs to be done. Usually, over the course of you being with your group the natural leaders will show themselves and take charge. You have to know you will not get along with everyone all the time.

Afterall, it's human nature when that initial fear and fight or flight mode goes away that you start to notice things about the people around you that can bother you. You have to remember there might be things you do that piss someone else off, so take it all in stride. Infighting amongst each other could prove fatal if done at the wrong time and you can all die. Working through the fighting and issues will help the overall group and let you succeed. Also, after finding a place that you have decided to fortify and make your home, having some comforts from life before the zombie apocalypse will make the group dynamic easier. This is good, so long as those niceties are kept in check with priorities to complete other projects first. Sure, having a gym or somewhere to watch TV if you have electricity is great.

Security should always be the number one issue and always done first. Food and water comes second, then setting up more defenses and escape plans is a must as well. Having an effective group dynamic can make all these arrangements a little easier to handle. That is it for today I have some more work to do around here and relax. Until next week this is Brandon signing off...