Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

I have to take an eight hour exam tomorrow. Wow. But I’m thinking maybe you can help me stay in the right mindset with some trivia. Here’s a host of tough questions pertaining to the Marvel Universe. See how you do: The Thing’s solo book from the 1980’s and Fantastic Four- For a time, Ben Grimm left the F.F. Where was he and why did he stay there? Ben stayed on ‘Battle World’, a planet created by the Beyonder for a host of Marvel villains and heroes to fight on. The Beyonder’s power infused the world with wish-fulfilling properties. Ben found that he could turn into human form as long as he stayed on the planet. What was the name of the wrestling federation Ben Grimm was a member of? What was the requirement to get in? The Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation required that all participants have the strength to lift at least one ton. Sharon Ventura (A.K.A. the second Ms. Marvel) was expelled from a Military Academy as a kid. Why? Sharon was expelled for not turning her roommate in for cheating. When the Thing finally returned, he helped the F.F. fight off Diablo. Following the fight, Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman took a leave of Absence, leaving Ben to form his own F.F. Who was on his lineup? The Thing, The Human Torch, Crystal and Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura) Who is Fasaud? How did he get his powers? Sheikh Farouk Al-Fasaud was an oil tycoon who relied on anonymity to help him influence international oil trade. When a reporter discovered his existence and brought him to the public’s attention (undermining much of Fasaud’s business power) Fasaud tried to kill the man. Hitting a camera instead of the reporter, Fasaud was electrocuted and apparently killed. Instead, he was transformed into a living electronic image, able to take over and manipulate electronic devices. How did Sharon become the She-Thing? Ben’s F.F. had to travel into space to fight Fasaud. Upon re-entry, the rocket they were traveling in was exposed to the same cosmic radiation that hit the original F.F., making Sharon the only human being who can ever truly understand Ben’s experience. What is the Throb Android? What does it guard? Who built it? Stands for Trans-Human Robot, designed to guard Vibranium stores in Wakanda. The robot was a gift from Victor Von Doom to T’Challa, the Black Panther. Who is Kristoff Vernard? Kristoff is a young boy from Latveria whose monarch took an unfortunate interest in. Kristoff was exposed to extensive brainwashing techniques, leading him to believe that he literally WAS Victor Von Doom. Upon one of Doom’s many various ‘deaths’, Kristoff was ‘activated’ to continue the Doctor's work in his place. Kristoff even dressed in battle armor that gave him the appearance of Doom (his legs were propped up so that he would stand as tall as a grown man and everything). Later, Doom returned to depose the boy, who was so traumatically indoctrinated into believing that he was Doom that he refused to step off the Latverian throne. Who is the Red Ghost? Who piloted his shuttle? What was the difference between his rocket and Reed Richards’? Ivan Kragoff was a soviet astronaut, engineer and scientist. He trained a small group of monkey’s to help him fly a rocket of his own creation. The rocket was designed to take in cosmic radiation, however- not screen it out. Hoping to become as powerful as the F.F., Ivan and his simian crew were exposed to life-threatening radiation far beyond the crew of Richards’ flight. The monkeys each gained human like consciousness and linguistic abilities, as well as super-powers. Ivan gained the ability to alter his density (hence the ‘Ghost’ bit) and a hefty dose of insanity. X-Factor- Who originally founded X-Factor? For what purpose? X-Factor was founded by the original team of X-Men- Cyclops, Jean Grey, Arcangel (just Angel at the time), Beast, and Iceman. Worried that the current team of X-Men were beginning to stray too far from Charles Xavier’s goals, the team set about finding new mutants and training them in how to use their powers. To the press, however, X-Factor was portrayed as ‘mutant-hunters’. The team used this cover to get leads from mutant-fearing (or hating) people on the location of potential new mutants. Who funded the founding team? What didn’t they know about this ‘supporter’? Originally, Warren Worthington’s ‘friend’ Cameron Hodge. What Warren and the rest of X-Factor didn’t realize was that Hodge harbored bitter jealously towards Warren and outright hatred towards mutants in general. Hodge did unspeakable things to many of the mutants that X-Factor ‘saved’, right under their noses. What is ‘The Right’? Hodge’s pseudo-religious-military anti-mutant group, mostly filled with discontented youth who need to displace their anger onto something. They had the creepiest looking battle armor, complete with big, weird smiley faces painted on the front. Look it up. Very Full Metal Jacket-ish. Later, X-Factor was reformed as a Government sponsored team. Who was on this line-up? Who was their federal liason? The new X-Factor (and possibly my favorite incarnation of the team) included Havok, Polaris, Quicksilver, Wolfsbane, Madrox and Strong Guy. Long time White House and S.H.I.E.L.D. consultant on superhuman affairs Val Cooper was their liaison. How did ‘one of’ Jamie ‘die’? One of Madrox’s clones contracted the legacy virus. Why did this new team need a new liason? What happened to their old one? Valerie Cooper turned out to be involved in a project to build mutant-hunting Sentinels. Feeling betrayed, the team abandoned her. The mutant Forge stepped in as a benefactor, giving the team a new direction. Two old X-men enemies have been placed on the X-Factor line-up for ‘rehabilitation’. Who are these two? Mystique and Sabretooth have both served their country under X-Factor supervision. New X-Men (Grant Morrison)- Who is Cassandra Nova? What do the Shi’ar call her and what does this word mean? Cassandra is Charles Xavier’s unborn twin. Cassandra died in stillbirth, telepathically attacked by her brother while still in the womb (and ultimately leading to their mothers’ death). The Shi’ar call Cassandra a ‘mummudrai’. According to Shi’ar philosophers, every being faces their ‘dark twin’ before they are born. Charles' powers, however, drew this particular mummudrai into a physical form that copied his DNA. Cassandra found a way to live on and has made life very difficult for the X-Men recently. Who was Xorn? (no really, WHO WAS this guy? There’s a couple of different answers to this question) …I don’t know where to begin. According to Grant Morrison, Xorn was Magneto in disguise. Other writers tend to disagree. Exiles- Who does this team work for? What’s their purpose? The Exiles were summoned from various timelines to serve a being called the TimeBroker, who claims that he needs their help to ‘correct’ timelines that have been influenced by outside tampering. Recently, Blink was given another (worrying) name for the Exiles seeming benefactor. What is it? The TimeBreaker, throwing the missions the Exiles have been undertaking into question. Who is Nocturne’s mother and father? In Nocturne’s reality, she is the daughter of Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) and the Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch). John Proudstar of Earth-616 died. How? The original Thunderbird was among Charles Xavier’s second line-up of X-Men. Attempting to stop Count Nefaria from escaping, John was on top of an airplane that exploded in midair. Is Calvin Rankin (A.K.A. Mimic) a mutant? NO. While Rankin can use every power that the original X-Men has (making his appearance bewildering), Calvin was involved in a lab accident as a young child. His father was experimenting in genetics. He can copy mutants powers, but isn’t one himself. Who is Magnus’ mother and father? In Magnus’ reality, he is the son of Magneto and Rogue. Earth-1815 featured a very different Charles Xavier than the one we knew. What was different? This Charles Xavier advocated for mutant dominance and sought to remove humankind from the planet. Who is the Weapon X team? What is their purpose? Who’s on their line-up? Another of the TimeBroker’s teams, Weapon X is composed of iterations of characters from realities in which they were…hardened. The team is sent into more violent missions than the Exiles. The team has changed a lot, although the original team was-Sabretooth from the Age of Apocalypse, a version of Cable’s past mercenary partner Kane, a version of the mutant criminal Mesmero, a version of Wolverine, a version of the mercenary Maverick/Agent Zero and a version of Deadpool. What comic is Hyperion from? Hyperion, a Weapon X member later in the series, is from the alternate reality that features the ‘Squadron Supreme’ as the primary heroes of earth. He’s from the comic of the same name. Who is Proteus? Who is his mother? Proteus is an incredibly powerful mutant. Moira McTaggert, long time genetic researcher and love-interest of Charles Xavier, is his mother. What is the ‘New Universe’? The New Universe is an alternate reality that features a line of comic book concepts that are independent from the main Marvel universe. It was introduced in the 80’s but slowly filtered out. Which is lame, because New Universe is really cool. It was relaunched recently, under the name ‘New Universal’. How did Spider-Man 2099 get his powers? Miguel O’Hara’s employer addicts Miguel to a drug in order to assure his silence regarding the company’s less-than-human gene splicing and pharmaceutical practices. Seeking to purify his body, Miguel tried to alter his enzymes and DNA to metabolize the drug. A jealous co-worker sabotaged his attempt, giving him spider-like powers. Who is the Maestro? The Maestro is a terrifying incarnation of the Hulk. In the Maestro’s reality, a nuclear war eradicated much of the planet. With few super-powered beings left ot oppose him, the Maestro has become the human race’s “protector” in name but brutal dictator in spirit. The Maestro first appeared in an Incredible Hulk storyline called Future Imperfect.