John Carpenter on Batman: Gotham After Midnight

Batman: Gotham After Midnight was a chilling tale focused on Batman and the horrors of Gotham City. Steve Niles took a turn at the character, and his writing paired with Kelley Jones' art gave a sense of intensity to the character. On September 2, 2009, the 12-issues will be compiled in one volume, and that volume has an intro by John Carpenter. DC's The Source has the text, but you can check it out below: "BATMAN has been around since 1939, has been reinvented by each generation of comic book creators, and definitely has the best costume of any superhero ever. For 70 years the Dark Knight has walked tortured urban streets, but never as darkly and stylishly as in Steve Niles and Kelley Jones’ hands. GOTHAM AFTER MIDNIGHT is an absolute blast. Niles’ sharp narrative blends horror, humor, noir and sweeping action, and his collaborator Jones is such a gifted artist that you can’t stop looking at the panels. I’m an enormous fan of these two gentlemen. BATMAN comic books get no better than this." Be sure to pick up the book in a few weeks when it hits stores, and revel in the pairing of Niles and Carpenter.