New Arrivals: August 12, 2009

True Blood is one of (if not the) best shows on TV right now. And you want to know why? Vampires. That's right. Vampires. Those lovable bloodsuckers are awesome in every way, and it's even better when said bloodsuckers make their way into comics. Such a comic is the pick this week, and it's called Vampire Dance from Dark Horse. Jacob is a 250-year-old vampire when he must fight to save Naomi, the woman he loves (who also happens to be a human) from neo-Nazis. Then there's Agnes and Anna, a recent convert that has to learn the rules of being a vampire. Come to think of it, those two sentences alone are vaguely reminiscent of the Bill-Sookie-Jessica triangle, but I digress. What none of their vampire knowledge can tell them though is that their fates have already been decided by the White Vampire, an ancient vampire who wants the power in Anna. The book is all the rage in Europe, and Dark Horse is teaming up with Bonelli Comics to bring the Sergio Bleda book to your bookshelves. This is a full-fledged graphic novel with a $16.95 price tag and all, but what you get is 188 pages of black & white vampire awesomeness. I also feel like I should point out that some other book called Blackest Night #2 is out this week as well. And Michale Dolce's The Descendant #2. Enjoy! New Arrivals: August 12, 2009