New Arrivals: August 19, 2009

This week's pick is Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama #1. Yep. Ash is going there. I'm pretty sure the premise of the series won't feature Ash and his boomstick helping Obama save his struggling healthcare plan, but I'm sure there will be zombies, chainsaws and hope. The first issue from Dynamite Comics is one of four, and expect some greatness. "We've addressed this a bit, but for the record, there's a lot of skepticism about all these Obama appearances in comics these days," said Dynamite Associate Editor Joe Rybandt. "But hands down, we feel this is the best out of all of them, because really, no one else gets to throw Ash, Obama, a comic book convention and hordes of Deadites into one four issue series mixed in with the realism of President Obama trying to help save the auto industry. So, for all the "posting haters" out there, we've heard them all (and even came up with a few of our own): Army of Darkness: Beating a Deadite Horse, Army of Darkness: Jumping the Deadite Shark, Army of Darkness: What, Again? - of wait, that's the sequel we've got brewing... and so on." So yeah, Obama has been in lots of comics lately. He's basically a new superhero. And look at the cover for this book! Is there a more stirring variation of the Obama hope posters? I think not. Also out this week is We Kill Monsters #2; the review you can check out here. Enjoy! New Arrivals: August 19, 2009