New Arrivals: August 5, 2009

It's the weekend eve (I don't even know if that really exists, but how else would you classify the days before the weekend?) of Comic Con Chicago and we've got a full slate of new arrivals. You can pick up Tyrese Gibson's Mayhem #1 at the non-SDCC $10 price. Or you could pick up another music artist's work (by association) in Incarnate #1 from Nick Simmons, son of Gene Simmons (hence the association). But what a book by actual comic folk? From Avatar Press comes a new book called Absolution #1 by Christos Gage and Roberto Viacava. The series would like to introduce you to John Dusk, a registered superhero in the vain of Judge Dredd. As in, the superheroes are a sanctioned arm of the government. As a government superhero though Dusk is required to help mankind, but in doing so he's been scarred by what man is capable of. So retribution is a natural recourse, as Dusk enjoys letting a murderer die. But how far will he take this retribution? Check out the first issue tomorrow find out, and you can check out the covers after the jump. Enjoy! New Arrivals: August 5, 2009