Preview - The Anchor #1

The Anchor is everything about mythology that's awesome. A holy warrior in an unholy war. Even further, God's own leg-breaker is a freak of nature, beast of burden, hulking outcast, medieval prize get the picture. The Anchor is a badass. And if you can't wait till October to check him out, Boom! Studios wants to give you a sneak peek before then. Phil Hester (with art by Brian Churilla) brings you this epic work of The Anchor, an immortal warrior monk who vows to save the world from the bowels of Hell. He's awakened from his slumber when the need arises to fight once again. The first issue doesn't hit stores till October, but today is the last day you can get your order in for a copy. Check out 10 solid pages of interiors after the jump, and start ratcheting up that excitement level.