Preview - Atomic Robo Vol. 3 #4

So you know Red 5. Luke Skywalker used the Force to blindly guide the X-Wing to destroy the first Death Star and bring peace and harmony to the world. And the best part is that there was no digitally inserted Ewok celebration after the destruction of the first Death Star. But you might not know Red 5 Comics, purveyors of fine properties such as We Kill Monsters. Another property that they've got going on is Atomic Robo Vol 3., and issue #4 hits stores next week. Written by Brian Clevinger and featuring art by Scott Wegener, lettering by Jeff Powell and coloring by Ronda Pattison, the 32-pager will set you back $3.50. The story is called "Shadow from Beyond Time," and you're taking to Oaxaca, Mexico, and the year is 1971. Atomic Robo is set deal with the intersection of The Shadow from Beyond Time and our universe. The book is billed as "Scientific Method versus the Unknowable Horror at the edge of reality." You can check out some interiors below, and be sure to check out the issue next Wednesday.