Preview - Days Missing #1

Gene Rodenberry's legacy is Star Trek first and foremost. But his legacy doesn't end there. Nope. Rod Roddenberry is carrying on the legacy and has partnered with Trevor Roth and Archaia Studios Press to bring you Days Missing. The book is written by Phil Hester and features art by Frazer Irving. A deadly new virus threatens to herald an extinction-level event that comes without a cure. This cure could be hidden by days missing. These days are remembered by a sentient being that bears extreme powers of time and intellect. There are multiple (four to be exact) covers by Dale Keown, Frazer Irving, Phil Hester and the book hit stores yesterday. The main cover by Keown is $0.99, with the variants moving up from there: $2.99 (Hester), $3.99 (Irving) and $5.00 (Keown). Interiors are after the jump if you're so inclined.