Preview - Deadpool #900

The odds of any comic book making to 900 are pretty astronomical. I mean, Amazing Spider-man just made it to 600. Which puts it about 300 issues behind Deadpool, with Deadpool #900's super-sized, 104-page arrival in October. And this issue boasts a veritable roll call of top talent. In this monumental issue, Deadpool faces probe-happy aliens, trigger-happy mimes and an unhappy fanman. Meanwhile, Wade bares his soul to a shrink who's not quite there himself. Throw in some international travel for the settling of a childhood bet and what you get when you mix battery cables, Crisco oil, three stacks of adult magazines and a live chicken. The cover is by Dave Johnson. Writers include Jason Aaron, Mike Benson, Victor Gischler, Charlie Huston, Joe Kelly, Fred Van Lente and Duane Swierczynski. Pencillers include Kyle Baker, Shawn Crystal, Rob Liefeld, Chris Staggs, Sanford Greene, Dalibor Talijic, with Baker and Crystal also doing inks. Baker, Liefeld and Lee Loughridge break out the crayons for coloring. The book is due in stores October 14 for $4.99, but you are getting 104 pages here. Check out 8 pages after the jump, courtesy of Marvel.