Preview - Incarnate #1

Nick Simmons is a famous man. Not because of himself yet, but because his dad just happens to have a very famous tongue and goes by the name of Gene. But Nick is aimging to become famous, and not because of his musical talents. Rather, Nick likes to create, write and pencil comic books, and his first book will be here before you know it. Incarnate #1 is the first of a three-issue mini-series created, written and penciled by Simmons. He gets inking help from Matt Dalton, coloring help from Brian Buccellato, lettering by Rob Steen and artistic assists from Nam Kim, Ben Harvey and Shi Hua Wang. The cover is by Jo Chen and the 52-page first issue should be available this fall for $4.99. The book starts the tale of Mot, a boy who can't die. He is what some would affectionately call a Revenant; that is, an ageless creature that has existed since time "immemorial." The whole immortal thing works out well if you're a fan of life, but you have to imagine that after so many centuries of not dying you'd might get bored and want to die. Unfortunately, nothing can kill Revenants...until now. An organization known as the sanctum has figured how to kill them and are hunting Revenants, meaning it's up to Mot and his protege Connor to figure out how to stop them.