Preview - The Killer #10

Archaia Publishing is a pretty big deal, and they do more than Awakening (although Awakening does feature Omnicomic favorite Nick Tapalansky). One of those other works is called The Killer, and issue #10 of 10 has hit stores. And I'd say that it's worth your time to check out. Written by Matz and featuring art by Luc Jacamon, The Killer #10 concludes the Deadly Soul arc. The arc began in Long Fire, and here Killer gets revenge. No idea what I'm talking about? Well then maybe you should check out issues #1-9 to get caught up on the story. The Killer #10 will set you back $3.95 and is for mature readers (you're looking at nudity, graphic violence and adult content). And you can get a glimpse of the issue after the jump.