Preview - We the People #1

I think at some point in your life you've heard the phrase "we the people." Despite the phrase not meaning nearly what it meant when it was first conceived (and the government full of corruption, lobbyists and hidden agendas...but I digress), it still holds with it a certain aura that is inescapable. The notion that a group of individuals can collectively have a say in their future as a whole is a powerful initiative, and many will defend it to their deaths. This notion also makes for a great comic book story, such as the aptly titled We the People #1. The book comes to you from Outlaw Entertainment, an Austin-based publisher that is looking to be "an elite source for intellectual property development." Fitting that the company behind a book titled "We the People" will have such an empowering creto. In this case, the property focuses on three individuals that could be considered loosely tied to people's champions of yore, including Zorro, Robin Hood and Sinbad. Created by Rick Villa and Tony Hobdy, We the People #1 is about an unlikely group of heroes that promise to clean streets rampant with injustice and corruption. There are obvious thematic elements that borrow heavily from the above mentioned justice fighters mythos, but that's not a bad thing. The book is written by Jason Burns and features art by Joe Eisma (the above cover is by Scott Schomburg). The 112-page full color graphic novel will set you back a scant $7.99, and while the Outlaw Entertainment website is showing an August 19 release date, artist Eisma implores you via Twitter to go pick it now, reflecting a more instant availability. Preview - We the People #1