Review - 28 Days Later #1

If you are a fan of zombies and horror flicks in general you probably have seen either 28 Days Later or 28 Weeks Later in theaters and enjoyed the movies. The stories of first the fall of London due to the Rage Virus, and then the ill-conceived repatriation of the country were, in my opinion, a more realistic and scary look at how a zombie apocalypse could ACTUALLY happen. If you watched the movies though, you may have found yourself wondering…how did Selena get off mainland England? Where were the survivors sent to? How did they decide to repatriate the island instead of just letting it be? All these questions and more appear to be on the verge of being answered by Boom! Studios tie in 28 Days Later. These zombies are much scarier then your typical shambling hordes, mostly because they aren’t TRUE zombies…just the infected living. For a review of what was covered in this exciting issue read on… In the movie Selena survives the attack on a cottage with Jim and Hannah and the final scene depicts them in a house far removed from society. So…what happens to them between then and 28 Weeks Later? Our story begins with a flashback from Selena back in the UK, and then we zoom to Norway where Selena is living in the mountains in a refugee camp. She is the camp outcast, with kids afraid to go into her tent to retrieve a soccer ball. Suddenly an American war reported named Clint Harris arrives and asks Selena to help him expose what is really going on in London. Selena, knowing the horrors that await anyone there, smartly refuses. Clint continues talking to her and eventually leaves. Afterwards we cut to another scene from Selena’s past as she looks at some jewelry at dinner with someone who appears to be at least a boyfriend, if not her husband. Selena puts on her jewelry and begins to pack. As Clint meets up with his team to get ready to leave one of his crew points behind him to a lone figure approaching, it is Selena. She is introduced to the team of reporters and they are off. Clint has a very nice plan laid out about how to get past the quarantine; of course, in a post-apocalyptic setting, you know that zombies aren’t the only problem right? A military fighter jet suddenly appears talking about restricted airspace, and apparently isn’t interested in excuses and takes the helicopter down with a quick burst of machine gun fire. The helicopter comes down, and after taking toll of where they are and the situation in general they look around the lot they are in for anybody to ask questions to. One member of the team gives Selena a hard time as another says “Well, Hirsch is talking to somebody.” Apparently the reporters aren’t as prepared as they thought, because only Selena looks over, and knows…infected. She springs to action and we find out that the cloth wrapped device on her back, is her trusty machete. Needless to say, Selena saves Hirsch’s life and in a final epic page, looks back over her shoulder and says only, “What’s your plan NOW?” Great comic, great story and I like that they are working within a known universe. Selena looks to be one of the more badass zombie killers we’ve seen in a while. No guns, no nonsense, never hesitate, and swing that machete hard. So like I said, if you liked the movies or just like zombies infected with rage that makes them faster and MUCH scarier, pick this one up when it hits shelves today (August 26) for $3.99.