Review - Berserker #2

Well all you mindless blood, guts, and intense hand-to-hand combat lovers, Berserker #2 hits the stands August 12 and I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to review it once again for you. The word "intense" still applies here, but after the first issue I wasn’t caught off guard and was fully expecting the mayhem to follow. Let me just say this, I don’t care if you pour six feet of cement on top of one of these guys, I’m not sure you are safe. Even members of Midgard and Asgaard don’t seem to have much of a chance against these guys. The organizations don’t play as much of a role in this issue. Farris and Aaron simply continue on their respective paths to destruction and if either of them are going to end up working for an organization, I can’t tell which it will be yet. Read on for the full review… We open this edition with Farris in full berserker mode, pretty much just ripping everyone in his work to pieces. There appears to be some of an undisclosed coworker’s intestine on a railing around the upper floor. He might want to consult a doctor about that. His girlfriend runs from him and just when it looks like she is about to get beat down too, Farris snaps out of it and she promptly knocks him out cold with a fire extinguisher. I guess it’s true what they say, love hurts. From there we shift scenes to Aaron finding a local sheriff to report the car “accident” that he was just involved in. Back to Farris we go, who wakes up with a bit of a headache, surveys the damage that he doesn’t remember doing, and starts to converse with an old war buddy of his named Clint. Only catch is that Clint is long since dead. Confused? So is Farris. Rowena, the Midgard agent tracking Farris, surveys the damage he caused and is duly impressed. She moves to confront him after putting in her report. Back to Aaron, who is still with the sheriff and now suddenly in handcuffs. I guess they didn’t buy his story. Aaron sees a vision of his dead girlfriend, and doesn’t remember that he played a role in her death. Enter FBI Agent Sarah Sturl. In the meantime Farris approaches his girlfriend who holds him up at gunpoint and tells him to stay away from her. A reasonable response to witnessing him slaughter every person they work with I suppose. Clint tells him you have to hit rock bottom at some point, and I suppose Farris is just about there. Agent Sturl meanwhile has tired Aaron in knots using what appears to be a pretty heavy chain. Thinking she is safe she interrogates Aaron pretty forcefully, and appears to know quite a bit about Asgaard and Midgard. This brings out the change in Aaron, who snaps the chains like they were paper and promptly sends Sarah through the observation window with a punch. He also dispatches, violently of course, the two officers who confront him on his way out of the station. In the final scene of the issue Farris is on a bridge about to jump with officers holding him at gunpoint. Rowena has finally tracked him down and goes into berserker mode to dispatch of the officers. For a berserker she is kind and only appears to knock them out instead of dismembering them. She tells Farris there are others like him, and that she wants to help. After telling him that one way or another he is coming along, Farris goes crazy. Apparently Rowena’s berserker training isn’t very good because before she can lay a finger on Farris she is lying in various parts of the river below while Clint whispers to Farris that everyone like him has to be killed, to which Farris says…I know. This comic focuses a little too much on the blood and gore for me. There is a story here, but it is hard to focus on at times. If you like constant guts and death in your comics this one is for you. It is certainly an original idea, and for that I like it, but we’ll have to see where the story progresses from here. Unless Berserkers can be stitched back together I don’t see them having many people left by the time Aaron and Farris actually ARE recruited to an organization, assuming that is even possible. Check it out in stores from Top Cow. Check out an exclusive of preview of Berserker #2, and if you still want more gore be sure to pick up the next issue, in stores August 12.