Review - The Darkness/Pitt #1

The first Pitt comic in a decade isn't solely a Pitt comic. Rather, it's a semi-crossover with The Darkness. The Darkness/Pitt #1 (by Paul Jenkins and Dale Keown) is one of three and hit stores yesterday, and the question on most people's minds is "is Pitt still awesome?" Before delving into the review, it may be prudent to remind everyone who exactly the Pitt is. Keown created the Pitt way back in 1993 while with Image Comics (before later moving the character to Full Bleed Studios). Pitt is a human/alien hybrid created by the Creed, an alien race committed to that newfangled genetic engineering. His red eyes, grey skin and sharp talons and teeth make him exceptionally good at what he was created to do: kill. And in the first issue of this series he does that in droves, alongside Jackie Estacado of course. Minor spoilers ahead. The issue moved fairly quickly and opens with Jackie Estacado enjoying a delightful veal escalponi at Mama Luccesi's restaurant when he's rudely interrupted by a slew of disemboweling alien creatures. Somehow his Darkness-sense didn't detect them, and in effort to fight back he requests a patron turn off the lights. His failure to do so without question cost him his intestines, and Jackie ran to a crawl space under the stairs. Preparing to summon his powers, the alien creatures are about to take him out when they suddenly disappear. The Pitt makes an appearance a little later with his friend Tim, a roguish little scamp that is on a quest with Pitt to find a crashed alien ship. The pair's path crosses with Jackie's in a backalley where the three of them utilize their talents to fight off another swarm of alien zombies. The Darkness wreck shop, The Pitt does what he does (straight up mauls people) and Tim even manages to telepathically blow some of their heads off. Fantastic. Jackie learns that those individuals just faced are infected, and more are on the planet as a result of a previous Darkness bearer named Hugo Powers being abducted and causing the ship to crash off the coast of New Jersey. The three then team up to find the ship and cause of the infection. The reason I say another Darkness bearer in regards to Powers is because Pitt says that he was "like you [Estacado]." Now this could mean human or Darkness bearer, but either way, Mr. Powers is going to have some significance here. As far as setup issues go, there was a good amount of action and story here with neither overwhelming the other. We're also introduced to a NSA agent following Jackie for whatever reason. Maybe she thinks he's in cahoots with Pitt? Whatever the case may be, this series will be over way to quickly with three issues, but hopefully this gives a rebirth to the Pitt. The issue is available in stores now and sells for $2.99. Head on out and pick it up if you're a fan of The Darkness, The Pitt or just a quality read. Check out some interiors below.