Review - We Kill Monsters #1

Why hello there, welcome back for another review of a new title. This week we’ll be going over the new book We Kill Monsters #1. This book has an old-school Saturday morning cartoons kind of feel to it. Maybe even an after school cartoon like Gargoyles or something, only people aren’t totally helpless to the monsters in this one. This comic is a little more fun and light-hearted, or at least as light-hearted as a story about rejection by women, being attacked by a monster, and then mutating can be. The main characters Jake and Drew are just a couple of typical guys with a knack for fixing machines. For more read on… The story opens with Jake and Drew working on their dad’s old truck and discussing the financial difficulties that come along with being small-town mechanics (at least I assume that is what they are, not being a mechanic or anything). After a little reminiscing about good old dad, Drew heads off to the bar to meet his girl Vanessa. When Jake shows up and gets clingy she pitches a fit. After a typical love triangle dispute Jake leaves, Drew tries to chase him down outside, fails, Vanessa’s new boyfriend shows up, everyone gets depressed, and things finally get interesting. As Drew turns around a giant monster (which truly reminds me of Goliath of Gargoyles, if he were meaner and a little scarier) attacks him, and Jake comes up with an all-pro tackle to save him. The monster bites Jakes arm, pretty much shredding it. Just before the monster can finish Jake off, Drew returns with a shovel that he promptly buries in the monster’s head. As Jake is lying there with his mangled arm however, the monsters blood comes into contact with it and it regenerates itself Wolverine-style. This seems pretty miraculous. On the way back to the repair shop the guys are dragging the monster behind the truck when mama monster shows up and chases them back. The two brothers lock themselves in the garage and decide to try to wait out the night to see if the newer, bigger, angrier monster will go away. They wake up to discover that Jake’s arm has mutated into a monster arm, and he has also gained the ability to “sense” the monsters around him as well as massive strength. After a quick battle the monster ends up crushed beneath the truck over a cliff while Jake holds onto his brother Drew. Eggs spew out of mama monster onto the ground, setting the stage for battles to come. The characters in this comic are standard fare and the language really is right out of an after-school or Saturday morning cartoon. The twist of the part-monster part-man character could be interesting, especially since Jake can’t really hide the arm. He also already seems to be the outcast, and I can’t imagine having a giant alien arm will help with that. Hopefully the monsters will gain some variety as things move on and the stories will move a little faster. I feel like there was a lot of character development and limited action in this comic, but it was the #1 of an original property so it is to be expected. We Kill Monsters certainly isn’t a comic with tons of gore or really intense moments, but it could be an entertaining addition to a collection if you are looking for something different.