Review - We Kill Monsters #2

Today I get the distinct pleasure of reviewing We Kill Monsters #2 brought to you by Red 5 Comics. If you missed the first issue that has come out (or the review Omnicomic did for it), then you need to go pick it up to catch up on what you missed before this issue hits comic book stores Wednesday. After reading both of these issues I am enjoying the storytelling so far and do agree with Tom it has that Saturday morning cartoonish feeling to it. Spoilers are ahead, so keep that in mind. With this issue the creators Laura Harkcom and Chris Leone are expanding on the monster motif and are detailing more types of monsters that our two heroic brothers have to fight. The story picks right up when you start reading this one as you learn more about Jake’s arm and that their encounter wasn’t the first to happen in their small, quiet town. Since being attacked the night before Jake's arm is deteriorating at a steady pace, making them seek out other monsters to get their brain juice to heal him. In an effort to find some more juice they set off to get help from the local sheriff and see what can be done to find more monsters to help heal Jake. Upon arriving at the Sheriff’s office they learn that their incident wasn’t the only one and there have been reports all over town. One case in particular the sheriff speaks of is Vanessa’s dad being killed and carried off by a flying monster, prompting Andrew and Jake to hurry to the scene. Once there they have a run in with Vanessa's new boyfriend (Dennis) where they hear what happened. During the course of the conversation Vanessa shows them the monster juice she collected from the broken glass and Jake immediately drinks it, healing his arm somewhat. They then decide to go hunt down the giant flying bug monster and stop it from hurting anyone else. This is where the issue leaves us, with them finding the monster’s nest and being ambushed. Although a good one, not too much action this issue as they are mostly setting up more story and characters. With the way this one ended though it looks like they are ready to ramp up the action and start kicking some monster ass with a vengeance. Overall the book was good though. As Tom said in his review it's a new series with new characters, so there has to be some sort of slower storyline so you understand what’s going on. Once this book gets going though, expect the payoff to be big.