Spider-Man on Broadway delayed

I have high hopes for the Spider-Man broadway musical. It boasts direction by Julie Taymor, a score by Bono and The Edge of U2 and a budget of $40 million. It's the last part that has me worried. According to AP, one of the show's producers, Hello Entertainment, has said that production has been delayed due to financial reasons. As in, an "unexpected cash flow problem." Yipes. The company released a rather tersely worded statement to the effect of "Plans necessary for this correction are in hand now and it is expected that activities, including work in the theater, will resume within the immediate future." They also went on to say that the show must go on, and is still slated for preview performances to begin February 25 at the Hilton Theater, although an opening date still remains undecided. I really hope this thing gets off the ground and becomes a success. Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cummings have already been confirmed, so it's starting to get the wattage it needs in terms of stars to bring in the audiences. Taymor has shown she knows what makes a good musical with The Lion King, and Bono and The Edge know a thing or two about music. It's all an interesting mix of talents, and hopefully the end result is something special. Plus it would be awesome if the Spider-Man musical does for superhero musicals what Spider-Man the movie did for superhero movies. Spider-Man on Broadway delayed