Super Ordinary is more than ordinary

The thing that makes the service and food at Shenanigans different than other restaurants is that little "extra" in front of ordinary. And while Stephen Doe's creation is Super Ordinary, that doesn't mean that it can't be special or even "extra"ordinary. Over at Doe's website you can check out the first eight pages from his new book Super Ordinary #1. I've also included them after the jump, but make sure you click over to his site so he gets the traffic and more eyes on his work. The story is about Sam Reynolds, a firefighter who volunteers for cleanup duty at ground zero. Him and his fellow volunteers are exposed to a chemical on site that kills some of the volunteers. But not Sam. His body liked the chemicals so much that they gave him superpowers, encouraging his use of a mask and superhero name in Mister Extraordinary. Doe is writer and creator, with art from Dario Folliero, cover by Nicholas Pena and lettering by Lisa Moore. The book was due in stores last week (late July) so keep an eye out for it the next time you're in the comic book store getting your weekly fix. Super Ordinary