Review - Tracker: First Look Edition

Well ladies and gentlemen, all I can really say is that I am glad that this particular comic fell into my lap to review for you today. I think this has the potential to be a top-notch comic. The artwork by Francis Tsai has a gritty feel to it, it is well written by Jonathan Lincoln, the characters are interesting, and it has enough “Holy crap” moments to keep a person interested. While I have a feeling, if nothing else based on the cover, that there will be a fair amount of blood, gore, and werewolf killing in this book, the preview edition did a great job introducing just enough to satisfy the action fan in me while creating an intriguing storyline. The character summaries at the end of the edition were a nice touch and helped to understand where they are going with this one. For spoilers and a bit of a review read on… The story opens with a horrifying bus accident where the local PD has called in Agent Jezebel Kendall to investigate. After complaining that this had better be good she is not disappointed when she enters the bus to find everyone inside pretty much shredded to pieces with claw marks and blood everywhere. She tries to call her partner Agent Alex O’Roark, only to hear a buzzing phone and find him unconscious on the bus. The incident is termed the Blue Line Massacre. Apparently there is more to O’Roark then meets the eye. He wakes up in the hospital, and we find out he was D.O.A. and his heart started beating again on the autopsy table. Whenever a guy can survive three separate spinal fractures, a broken arm, and all but four ribs being broken…not to mention being used as a scratching post, and looks no worse than you and I the next day, that guy is special. We are introduced to a doctor who hands the agent a card with “Handel” written on it and a phone number. O’Roark’s girlfriend barges into the hospital room, and the scene ends. The rest of the story plays out discussing the fact that the Blue Line Massacre is just the latest in a series of murders carried out by a man the FBI call Herod, who leaves notes at his crime scenes taunting authorities. O’Roark has returned to work where the discussion is taking place and you get to know the agents that will play a major role in the story, as well as whether or not they like each other. As the preview ends, O’Roark is being asked what he remembers by his boss, and you see a flashback of a werewolf looking face and glass shattering, followed by him saying he remembers nothing as he doesn’t think they will believe him anyways. Of course he also manages to crush the metal armrest of the chair during his flashback…and that is where the story ends. This has all the potential to be a great story. A brilliant werewolf criminal, an FBI agent on the trail with some kind of special power, great writing, terrific art, and something other then zombies from the occult. The official #1 comes out in November from Heroes and Villains Entertainment and Top Cow, and I plan on checking it out. In the meantime, check out the brief preview below.