Wizard #215 Jam Cover on eBay

Have you checked out Wizard #215? If you missed it, the cover was awesome. The cover is so awesome in fact that the artists behind it decided to put up a sketch of it for auction on eBay to benefit the Hero Initiative. The cover features the following artists and superheroes: Tony Harris: Dr Strange Marc Silvestri : Captain America Lee Bermejo: Wolverine Art Adams: The Thing Phil Jimenez: Spider-man J.Scott Campbell: Iron Man Like I said, awesome cover. The auction runs for 4 more days until August 11, and as mentioned above all proceeds from the auction will go to the Hero Initiative. Even better, if you're headed to Chicago Comic-Con this weekend and swing by the Hero Initiative booth (#1340-#1342) the cover will be on display for ogling. Just don't drool on it please. Wizard #125 Jam Cover on eBay