Wizard World Chicago 2009

San Diego was only two weeks ago, but industry folk need to be looking ahead to the next convention on the calendar. That would be this weekend (August 6-9), and that would be in Chicago at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. Tickets are still available and if you order online you're looking at a $5 savings on most tickets (a four-day pass will set you back $50). Mark Millar has been named the convention Guest of Honor, and he'll be joined by other industry favorites including Alex Maleev, Brian Azzarello, George PĂ©rez, Dan Slott and Matt Wagner, just to name a few. On the celebrity side of things, I'd venture to say that about half of those appearing are wrestlers (or former wrestlers), including Kevin Nash, X-Pac and Virgil. There are some non-wrestling personalities, including Ernie Hudson, Billy Dee Wiliams, Chanel Ryan and Michelle Rodriguez. With their recent partnership with the Video Game XPO, you can also expect a hefty video game presence at the show. One of the games featured will be G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, and if you're really lucky you'll get to play the game alongside Ray Park. If his video game skills are even half his martial art/acrobatic skills well then you're in trouble. Thursday is the Preview Night for the show and the show will be open 4 PM - 8 PM. Friday and Saturday you can hang out there all day (10 AM - 7 PM), and Sunday almost all day (10 AM - 5 PM). There have been rumors that this may be the last Wizard World Chicago, so if you miss this one you might not get a second chance next year. And it was at Wizard World Chicago in 2007 where The Dark Knight made a surprise appearance after not being at San Diego. David S. Goyer, Jonathan Nolan, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan all appeared out of nowhere to show clips and talk about the film that until that point was pretty much kept under wraps. So don't be surprised if something like this happens this year, especially with the possibility that it could be the last. Wizard World Chicago 2009