Boston Comic-Con

New York Comic-Con in 2010 has been pushed to October. Meaning that northeasterners won't get their annual comic fix in the early part of the year. If you're in or near Boston though fear not! The Boston Comic-Con is the place for you. At the Back Bay Events Center Saturday and Sunday October 24-25 is the time and place. $10 is the entry fee (each day), and the talent this year is actually pretty awesome. Omnicomic's favorite artist Tim Sale will be there, as will Bill Sienkiwicz, Herb Trimpe, Khoi Pham, Cliff Chiang, Geof Darrow, David Mack, Stephane Roux, Mike McKone, Jim Calafiore and Eric Canete. The list boasts some fantastic talent. Sale alone is worth the price of admission and Trimpe drew Hulk for 8 years straight at first and co-created Wolverine. I'm not trying to shortchange the other talent, as all of them are worth it. $10 each day for the weekend, and Boston is a great place for a convention. Boston Comic-Con