Cable returns to the X-Men

Cable is a character that has rapidly grown quite the fanbase. The time-traveling son of Cyclops (Scott Summers) has been through a whole lot of crap, and a lot of that crap has involved the X-Men (and Deadpool). He's been gone for a while, however, he's about to make a big splash. And he's bringing Hope with him. Cable: The Long Way Home is the new storyline featuring Cable and will be spread out over a series of different books. Those books would be Psylocke #1, Dark X-Men #1, X-Men Legacy #230 and X-Force #22. The first part of the long way home will be in Psylocke #1 (written by Christopher Yost and penciled by Harvey Tolibao), in stores November 4, while the second part will be in Dark X-Men #1 (written by Paul Cornell and penciled by Leonard Kirk) in stores November 11. Fans will learn Cable's agenda (as well as Hope's) by picking up the Long Way Home saga. The cover for Psylocke #1 (by David Finch) is above, while the cover for Dark X-Men #1 (by Simone Bianchi) is after the jump. Both books are $3.99.