Defense with the BoomPick

Hey there folks, how's it going? If you're here reading this then that must mean you've come to see what new comics are coming out tomorrow. And also to learn my pick of the week. If you take a look at the list of comics you know it wasn’t a hard choice for me this time. Today I'm picking Marvel Zombies Return #1, bringing at you two things you enjoy: reading Marvel and freaking superhero zombies. You just can’t beat it. This tale is written by the guys that brought us Marvel Zombies 3 and Marvel Zombies 4, and they are back for more of our favorite undead zombies. Did you ever wondered what happened to undead Spider-man, Captain America, Wolverine and a few others after the events of Marvel Zombies 2? The folks at Marvel want to know the same thing. This tale picks up with the undead superheroes being transported back in time to an earlier point in mainly Peter Parker's life. With the Sinister Six causing all sorts of trouble for Spider-man and New York City, it's easy to see that these undead guys are going to cause some trouble of their own. Go pick this one up tomorrow to find out what sort of antics are in store for the Marvel Zombie Universe at this point in time.