Defense with the BoomPick

Well folks it's time for new comic book day tomorrow. Or is it?? Because of Labor Day the delivery schedule is thrown off, so you'll be getting all your superhero fixes on Thursday instead of Wednesday. My pick for today is a bit of a shocker as I am surprised that they put this one out so quickly since the first one came out last week. It's always nice to get that next piece of the tale to keep you going: Marvel Zombies Return #2. This issue is a one shot that picks up with a horde of zombies heading to attack Stark Industries, leaving Tony Stark and James Rhodes to defend the facility and hold off the endless wave of undead heroes attacking them. Can they hold out and save themselves as well as others or will they fall to the undead mob? You'll have to get this one to find out. As an added bonus to this issue it is written by the writer of an awesome zombie book series; his name is David Wellington. The first book is titled Monster Island. I've read this series and it's worth picking up as well. Between this new issue and zombie books to read you should have your zombie fill.