Defense with the BoomPick

Tuesday is here finally and you know this day is good because you are over that Monday hump and are moving towards the middle of the week (the next hump). It also means that new comics come out tomorrow. I was reviewing the list and I saw this comic and couldn’t believe what I saw. My pick is also a series of movies that are freaking awesome and this comic is called Die Hard: Year One #1. Backstories are all the rage these days when dealing with your favorite characters. From Wolverine to the whole Batman reboot showing how the great heroes of comics and movies begin. Well John McClain is no different now. Yes, we do get to see how he started as a young cop in the New York Police Department. This series is set 10 years before the first movie showing John as a rookie cop in the summer of 1976 Bicentennial celebration. Which also happened to be the same time that one of the most famous serial killers was around in the Son of Sam, making life none too easy for the rook. Pick this one up tomorrow to see how it's all going down and how John transforms from young rookie to badass cop. This comic is brought to you by the fine folks at Boom! Studios by writer Howard Chaykin and artist Stephen Thompson. It'll set you back 3.99 for the backstory of one of the most crazy and kickass cop ever around.