Defense with the BoomStick

Hello out there, it's Monday and you know what that means you have in store for you. It is I, Brandon, coming back to you after a little technical problem last week. It seemed that some animals were chewing on parts of our transmitting wires and took a bit of time to fix. I am back and that's all that matters and now we'll get to it. Today for the news, let me review. To start, I've been hearing reports about the zombie killer Tedd that he might have died in battle saving a town from a horde of zombies. I haven't been able to confirm this but be on the lookout for him in the Arizona I believe. Also, I did get more news from my contact in the Northeast and he spoke to me about the progress they have made there. It looks like a good portion of upstate New York is becoming safe and most of Vermont as well. They also have Maine secured to the point where it's safe to be there without fences, but the occasional zombie sightings in the woodland and mountain areas still comes through.

Now onto the tip of the week. Even though today is an age old holiday for us here in the United States I am still going to bring you a tip to help you survive since my faithful listeners were cheated out of one last week. Those damn animals! But hey, can’t blame them as they're trying to survive just like us.

I'm going to talk about ways to contact the outside world if you are laid under siege and can’t get any scouts out to seek out help. One of the easiest ways is to simply put a banner as high as you can that states your current troubles, such as "S.O.S" on it or "Need Help." These sort of things help catch the eye of any group that could be coming by, but make sure that you put a way for them to contact you. This way, it protects you from the possibility of a worse situation than zombies (although not much is worse than being surrounded by zombies), but also allows a rescue party to understand the whole situation. When transmitting to each other it's best to use the AM band as those frequencies are easier to pick up with a lot simpler tools then FM. If you have no way to transmit but can receive then it's a point of getting some sort of communication device out to the people who are trying to help you.

If you have handheld walkie talkies then you have to get one out to the rescue team. One idea to accomplish this is to wrap the walkie talkie in foam or any sort of soft material to protect it, then duck tape it all around that to secure it. Then sort of sling shot it from the highest point of your place out to where the rescuers are waiting. Beyond this if you have no ways to communicate to them beyond visual then it will be tougher as you will have to just write back and forth to each other on that huge place you put the S.O.S sign. If all else fails you can always just string two empty soup cans together. That is it for today as we have some more work to do around here. Plus want to make sure that animals can’t get to the equipment wires again. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.