Defense with the BoomStick

Monday, that day which the week starts with. Man this day get's around too fast sometimes and there's nothing you can do about it but face it head on. Let us get to it then shall we? For the news, I haven’t heard a whole lot of news coming from the northeast, where that huge government offensive is happening. My contact there hasn't been reachable for a few weeks, but I'm not too worried (but you never know). I have been hearing more reports stating that Tedd is dead; haven't been able to confirm though so keep listening about that. Other than those few tidbits that's it for the news and now time for the tip of the week. Today I'm going to go over the procedure to survive an attack and possible prolonged siege of your hideout.

First off, make sure that everything is set up according to how you need to use it. Make sure it is defensible but also have your designated spots for bathroom needs and your escape path. If you have the added open air space have a garden growing what you can (according to your location and time of the year). If you can get cows, goats or chickens that's a bonus since you can get more food from them. Make sure to keep noise down to a minimum; if you have a generator try to put it somewhere so the noise level is low. If you have a wall surrounding your compound then make sure to patrol it constantly and look for anything out of the ordinary.

When dispatching zombies that happen upon your compound make sure to get rid of them as they attract more zombies (and are also a hazard to your health as well) by burning them or digging a hole to put them in. Ensure that yourself and all your equipment is in the best shape as you don’t want to be depending on a weapon and have it jam on you.

One of the worst things that can affect you when under siege by zombies is their constant moaning that will wear down your mental state. It is key that you keep yourself entertained and upbeat through whatever means you can, whether it's music, watching a movie or even reading. When the moaning gets too much plug your ears anyway possible, if you don’t have any earplugs then use 9mm bullets. The most important item that you must remember is always have an escape plan, as no matter what you think of any place it isn’t always safe. That's it for today, so I'll leave you with that. Until next week this is Brandon signing off…