Defense with the BoomStick

Monday just rolls upon us sometimes too quickly for my tastes as it just means more work to do. Brandon again broadcasting out to my fellow survivors in hopes of keeping you all alive and helping us win this war.

Ok let us get to it shall we?? Well for the news side of our program let me take a look here. I do have some more news from the Northeast Offensive going on as my agent buddy has contacted me again.

He told me that they have pushed all the way from Maine to Rhode Island and they have most of it secure, so in a few weeks they're going to open up the ports and accept refugees. When I hear that they are allowing people to dock there I'll let all of you know. Even so if you do decide to head up there be careful as all it would take is one person being infected and boom you've got a panic and an attack on your hands. Be careful. For the tip of the week I am thinking about escape plans and their necessity at all times no matter how safe you think you are.

Now depending on the type of safe house you have there are many options for your escape route. If right now you are listening to this and you don’t have an escape plan yet you better get one immediately. Because no matter how safe you think you are you will always need that way to get out of there or else you are dead. I even have one for here to get to a secondary location, but that's for a new life when we win this war. Here are a few options you can have. First off if you have the time and muscle you can build an escape tunnel (perhaps to an adjacent house or building) as your escape route. Another option is if you can reach a high point on the building try and build a rope bridge or a way to cross to a nearby structure and escape that way. A great method is if you have the materials and time to build it is an escape vehicle. Just make sure that it's heavily armored and modified to run through a mob of zombies.

If you do a smash and run in your vehicle make sure to have a plan of where you're going so you don’t run out of gas in the middle of a zombie town and get messed up bad. Maps are one of the most valuable things you can have. Always update them when you need to while traveling. If, say, you pass a town that is totally infected mark it on the map so you know. If this map ever gets passed on so does that info. That is it for today. I have to go and get some more work done around here. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.