Escape from Wonderland script book

Comic book readers can recognize a comic book when they open it and read it. If they were to see what it looks like before the illustrations, panels and colors are added they might not recognize it. So it's welcome when a company offers readers a glimpse into what actually goes into making a comic book. Companies such as Zenescope. Available for sale on their website is Escape from Wonderland script book, which offers a behind the scenes look at the development of the overarching storyline for the book. It's an exclusive sneak peak that gives fans a look at the full script, layouts and pencils in the first issue, as well as the script for Escape from Wonderland #0. The book features a wraparound cover by Eric Basaldua, while the writing is done by Raven Gregory. Pencils are by Daniel Leister and the design is by David Seldman. The sneak peek issue is available on Zenescope's website for $4.99 now if you're so inclined. Escape from Wonderland script book