Fantastic Four reboot in the works

It may simply be Fox reminding Disney that they still control a sliver of the Marvel empire, but Variety reports that the time-sensitive canine is planning a reboot of Fantastic Four. Fantastic. Akica Goldsman has been brought on board to oversee the reboot (they're officially calling it that) as producer, while Michael green will write the script. Green does have some superhero street cred, having produced Heroes and co-wrote Green Lantern. Since the ball just started rollin on this process, it's unclear if Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis will reprise any of their already familiar roles. The word "reboot" is getting tossed around way too much these days, with studios eager to distance a new film from previous incarnations. Frankly, it's something of a shady marketing tactic. Basically, since the movie is being labeled as a "reboot" it indicates that moviegoers will get something brand new and never seen before. Well, every movie is pretty much brand new and never seen before (unless it's a remake, which is an entirely different beast altogether). With Marvel's push to make a "movie" Marvel Universe it seems that reboots would hurt more than help because there's no continuity. Maybe Marvel is on board with Fox for the reboot. Fine. Are they trying to exhibit more control over movies with their licenses though? Try and come in with the reboot to create the movie in their vision? From what I recall they were pretty involved with X-Men Origins: Wolverine and that film didn't fare too well in the eyes of just about everyone. Of course, that doesn't mean that movie will be rebooted because Hugh Jackman is Wolverine at this point. But isn't it a little unfair to the other actors that play superheroes that they're kicked out because a movie wasn't commercially successul? Thomas Jane was a MUCH better Punisher than Ray Stevenson. Eric Bana and Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/Hulk are kind of equal in my mind (I do give the edge to Bana though). Colin Ferrel as Bullseye? Ben Affleck was a passable Daredevil. When Tobey Maguire moves on from Spider-Man will that be a reboot? I'm perfectly fine with a Fantastic Four reboot, as long as Gruffudd, Alba, Evans and Chiklis are back. Their roles shouldn't be attributed to the perceived failure of the film. If you want to make a better Fanastic Four make the movie PG-13 (as opposed to PG). Fantastic Four reboot in the works