Guy Ritchie to direct Lobo

Of all of DC's characters that are slated for film, I've got to admit that the latest kind of came out of left field. According to Variety, DC has tapped Guy Ritchie to direct a film about Lobo. Yep, Lobo. Production is slated to begin next year and will feature Steve Richards and Kerry Foster as executive producers. The most recent script was written by Don Payne while Joel Silver, Akiva Goldsman and Andrew Rona will produce. No word on the story but I'm going to guess it's an origin story. With a catch. Warner Brothers wants a PG-13 rating. That last sentence right there may undercut the movie before it even has a chance. Lobo is a rated R character, just like Punisher. He's bred on insanity and violence, and anything short of that in a movie would be a gross disappointment. I'm sure they're thinking that the movie can be dark in the same way that The Dark Knight was, but they're two different characters. Batman doesn't thrive on chaos. Writers Alan Grant and artist Simon Bisley redefined his origin as his quest to become the last Czarian. AFTER VIOLENTLY KILLING EVERY OTHER MEMBER OF THE SPECIES. This may be a perfect example of Warner Brothers attempting to fully capitalize on a second-tier character by making a movie about him. Lobo was DC's response to Deadpool, but Deadpool can work with PG-13 because his thing is more comedy and satire. Lobo has that as well, but I'd say that he's much more violent and actually enjoys the violence. And I haven't even discussed the Ritchie part. I don't really see his directorial style fitting with the character. I definitely think it will work with Robert Downey, Jr. in Sherlock Holmes, but I just don't see it with Lobo. No offense to Ritchie, but the Lobo movie with him at the helm will be crazy stop-motion shots and an British alt-rock soundtrack. Doesn't quite say "universal bounty hunter" to me. Personally, I would love a Rob Zombie Lobo movie (and not just because Lobo looks like him) or a Quentin Tarantino Lobo movie. Who knows. Maybe it will work. I like Ritchie as a director. I really do. Just not for this. Guess we'll see though as casting and story news comes out. Guy Ritchie to direct Lobo