How to draw women

Are you a struggling artist? Is your reason for not making that big break because you go into DC expecting to draw Superman and they ask you to draw Wonder Woman instead?* Maybe a book going over the finer points of drawing the female body may be what you need. *I am aware that breaking into the comic book industry as an artist is not quite the interview process that other jobs are. But this scenarios makes the post work so roll with it. Omnicomic reader Ed from Coastal Car Wash in Wilmington, NC, let Omnicomic know about Tom Fleming, a Wilmington, NC, southern boy who has just seen his new book Draw & Paint Fantasy Females made available for purchase. Amazon has it for $15.63. Random price I know but still better than the retail price of $22.99. If you're wondering why you should care about Mr. Fleming's work, Star News Online has a great writeup about his transition from doing sketches of Hulk Hogan with the WWE (he even designed the scepter for the first King of the Ring winner) to working for Marvel and DC. He was also nominated for Chesly Awards for "Best Color Unpublished Work" & "Best Monochrome Unpublished Work." Probably the best reason to pay attention to him is if you're an artist looking to learn a few new tips and tricks about drawing females. As indicated above however he clearly knows his way around the comic book landscape, and is a pivotal piece of keeping the fantasy artwork alive and kicking. If you get the time, check out his website at