Long Beach Comic Con Mouse Guard Print

Comic cons in California tend to get dwarfed by that big one in San Diego. Where's the love for Long Beach? That comic con carries some decent weight itself, and at the show October 2-4 you can pick up the above David Petersen Mouse Guard Print. The print is limited to 75 copies and will be available at the Atomic Apple booth (think Atomic Comics and Golden Apple Comics...hence an atomic apple). 25 copies will be sold each day starting at 3 PM, and Petersen himself will be on hand to sign them. What's even better is that they'll only cost you Jackson (Andrew that is). There's a lot more to the show than the above mentioned print though. Talent includes Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Thomas Jane, Berkeley Breathed, Seth Green, Tim Bradstreet, Jeph Loeb, Ernie Hudson, Jon Bogdanove and George Lazenby. Booths will be featured by Aspen Comics, Boom! Studios, Nintendo and Top Cow just to name a few. Tickets are $25 a day, or you can pay $199 for a weekend pass and get a limited edition WWE Rey Mysterio action figure. The event is at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA. Long Beach Comic Con