New Arrivals: September 16, 2009

There are some decent books hitting stores this week. Blackest Night #3, 28 Days Later #2 and We Kill Monsters #3 for starters. Enough to make sure that ten spot you've got gets stretched to its fullest. You may want to hit the ATM beforehand though and grab a little bit more cash to pick up some of the other titles. What other titles? How about Donatello The Brain Thief #1. I can imagine you're asking yourself what kind of book I'm highlighting. It's not as crazy as you may be thinking. The Donatello in question is the purple masked, green shelled turtle of the ninja variety. The "brain thief" is an homage to Frankenstein, as in this story Donatello takes the remains of Baxter Stockman's Robot and hides them in a secret room. But his brothers don't know this and what's worse is there's a new robot roaming the sewers as well. The book comes to you from Mirage Studios and is created by Jim Lawson and Steve Lavigne. Enjoy! New Arrivals: September 16, 2009