New Arrivals: September 2, 2009

Are you still reeling from the news about Disney buying Marvel? Yeah, it's pretty insane. But the world moves on, and comics must continue to be released. And this week is no exception. The pick this week comes to you from the fine folks at Dynamite Entertainment, and it's Thulsa Doom #1. Yeah, of course it would be the book that I previewed earlier today, but there's got to be a good reason that you get a preview and pick of the same comic on the same day. If you missed the preview, all you need to know is Thula is a hero in the vein of Red Sonja (only a guy) and follows his quest for adventure after the fall of Atlantis. Arvid Nelson is the writer and Lui Antonio is the illustrator. Enjoy! New Arrivals: September 2, 2009