The NEW Zuda Comics

Zuda Comics has been slowly carving out it's share of the online comic market since that fateful day in 2007 when they announced their arrival. The user-submitted, reader-voted webcomic site has been met with nothing but acclaim, and it's definitely become an excellent avenue for up-and-comers to get their works into the virtual hands of the public. Nothing there is news sure, but the site has undergone a massive upgrade that will make reading, submitting and voting that much more enjoyable. The site has finally shed the "Beta" tag (Google should take note) and the improvements are great. First off, the comic viewer has been changed so you can actually read the lettering without going into full-screen mode. This means that you can plow through more comics in one sitting than you could before when you had to toggle screen resolutions. That's not the only change though. Profile pages let you access all your info in one spot. You'll also be able to toggle "View Mature Content" on and off for the older readers out there. While there's no mature comics on Zuda yet, the option to turn it on or off is a pretty telling signs that mature themes may start appearing. Exploring and browsing is much more searchable now. You can browse by specific comic status (competitor, instant winner, etc.) or by genre (science fiction, fantasy, etc.). Or a combination of both. The sky's the limit here kids. Even better, the entire site is now searchable. So if you know who or what you're looking for you can find it fairly easily. Overall changes include general layout and rearranging of buttons, so feel free to poke around. Any problems with the site, Zuda wants to know, so hit them up on their feedback page. The NEW Zuda Comics